13 swimming images we could forget about

13 de setembro de 2015

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But Yes Swim is here to remember you of:

13- Hackett’s bad moment

Not in swimming pool. But after retirement, Grant Hackett was highlighted more than he wished. The australian was shown in too many controversies, that were specially envolved by alcohol, depression and discussions with his wife. The most commented controversy was the pictures of his upside down apartment after a supposed altercation with his wife, under effect of Stilnox, which even swimming australian team was affected.

grant hackett apartamento

12- Ucranian heated by her father

It was meant to be just a familiar problem, but it ended as a world repercussion. The coach Mikhayl Zubkov was filmed in a physical altercation with his swimmer daughter Kateryna Zubkova at call room, during the 2007 World’s in Melbourne. The agression was motivated by Kateryna relationships that were not approved by Mikhayl. He had to be checked in australian justice, but the case was not gotten forward because she refused to press charges.

ucraniana apanhando


11- Poliana’s hypothermia in London

For brazilians, a hardly forgotten image. Poliana, who was in great condition to fight for medal, had to be taken out of event after symptoms of hypothermia. It was specially hard watching her being carried away, without knowing she was fine. On the next year, the brazilian made a brilliant return, and won 3 medals in Barcelona’s World’s, taking gold in the olympic event.

poliana okimoto maca londres


10- Soni’s crashed in Rome

Oh, it hurts. One of the swimming most famous “deaths” in history was the Soni’s 200 breats in Rome 2009. It’s not usual to watch this kind of splits in international level, specially in a rubber suit year. But the american splitted very fast in first 100, with a so high frequency, that there was no rubber that could save her in the end. Watch and remember:

9- Ricky Berens’ butt

In the same World’s, who also had a unpleasent situation was the so Soni’s boyfriend, Ricky Berens. The american was not the only one that experienced this delicated moment in 2009, but was definetely the most commented butt. Everyone took the risk of get intimous parts shown by ripped rubber suits. But some of them had no lucky.

Ricky Berens ...EDITORS NOTE NUDITY - Ricky Berens of the United States dives into the pool wearing a bodysuit that split just before starting his leg in a Men's 4x100M Relay, at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Rome, Sunday, July 26, 2009. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)


8- Cielo and friends’ doping

In 2011, Cesar Cielo, Vinicius Waked, Henrique Barbosa and Nicholas Santos was caught by anti-doping agency with Furosemida substancy, which doesn’t help in performance, but it can mask other ones. With Brazilian Federation’s help, the four swimmers were considered victims of a non intentional contamination by a compounding pharmacy. They have no suspention, just a warning, except Waked, who was in his second busted.



7- Kitajima’s kick

Almost a classic. In a time when swimmers couldn’t do any kick in breatstroke underwater, Kitajima not just was used to make it, as has it as a trademark. Everyone knew, but nobody could catch him. By the way, it was because of him FINA decided to allow one dolphin kick per underwater pullout. But Cameron van der Burgh was not satisfied with only one, apparently.

kitajima golfinhada


6- The australians and Stilnox

At Olympics in London, the australian had an under performance, mainly the men’s free relay, which was the major relay at the time, but even got a medal. After the Olympics, looking for an answer to those results, the Australian Federation found out some mess in pre-olympic aclimation in Manchester, where the swimmers of the relay took Stilnox mixed with energy drink and cafein and messed with the colleagues, shaking the team union.

stilnox australia

5- Rebeca’s doping

Still an obscure story, Rebeca Gusmão before had her doping tests as positive, she already was target to suspicions because of the weird size she had gotten. In 2007, the suspicions was comproved, after winning the 50 and 100 free in Pan Am, she tested positive for steroids and the Comittee took back her medals.

rebeca gusmao doping

4- Manaudou naked

Almost a Mexican soap opera, even Pellegrini was one of the protagonists, or antagonists. It was a betrayal story that envolved Laure Manaudou, Federica Pellegrini, Luca Marin and Filippo Magnini, but Manaudou was who was screwed up with naked pictures revealed on internet by her ex-boyfriend Luca Marin, who betrayed her with Pellegrini, who after betrayed him with Magnini…

manaudou pelada


3- The generalized East German’s doping

Another doping case that will never be forgotten was the scandal of the east germans who destroyed a lot of world records in 76. At the time, the german government body forced them to take forbidden substances to improve their swims, helped by politicians and sports entities. It was the first known sistematic doping case, revealed years later. The german processed the government and they suffer steroids sequel nowadays.

doping geral alemanha ocidental


2- The human Phelps

After 8 olympic golds, in the way it happened, Michael Phelps became a hero in Beijing 2008. We must agree. With a inedit and unbelievable campaign as that, the american celebrated. A lot. But people don’t expect human attitudes by a hero. Human make mistakes, a hero not. The fact is: Phelps was busted smoking pot in one of these parties. He made a mistake. But then, hipocrisy was all over the place.

phelps bong


1- The false start of Thorpe

It was not this tragic, but the image was definetely one of the most markable. Ian Thorpe, in 2004, was the man to be beaten, the biggest swimming star of the world. Could you imagine yourself having a false start in the olympic trials, at your main event, which you are favorite to win the olympic gold for the second time straight? Yeah, it happened with Thorpe. He false started the 400 free and didn’t get his spot. But, with federation’s destiny’s help, the spot became his and he took the gold in Athens, after a exciting race.

thorpe queimando

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