Chico Piscina Trophy: Highlights

12 de outubro de 2015

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The Chico Piscina Trophy is one of the most traditional meets we have in Brazil. It happens once a year and it’s turned to age group of 13 to 16 years old, which categories we call Infantil and Juvenil. The swimmer represent his/her State and to be part of it, you have to be selected (each state has his own criterias).

The meet is limited to few events: 50, 100, 200 and 400 free; 100 fly, 100 back and 100 breast, besides 200 IM and 4×100 medley and free relays.

Swimmers 13 and 14 years old compete against each other and the 15 and 16 swimmers in the other category.

There were 5 names that deserve to be highlighted:

Caio Pumputis. The 16 years old swimmer won the only two individual events that he participated, but it was enough to get the most efficient Juvenil male swimmer of the meet trophy. One of the strongest events of the meet was his 200 IM with a 2’03”75, breaking a CR that had lasted since 2003 by Lucas Salatta. He also took the gold on 100 breast with 1’04”13.

Maria Paula Heitmann. She was the female swimmer of the meet and the most efficient of all. Another 16 years old girl, she won the 100, 200 and 400 free, the last two with new meet records. 56”57 in 100, 2’00”71 in 200 and 4’16”86 in 400. The 2’00”71 is the fifth best brazilian time this year and she became another candidate to Rio’s 800 free relay.

Maria Eduarda Sumida. She’s still 14 years old and also took 3 individual golds. She won the 200 and 400 free with 2’06”07 and 4’25”02. Her best event was the 200 IM with 2’22”33, new meet record.

Murilo Sartori. Maybe, the most impressive result was made by him. For two reasons: first of all, he broke a record made by Brandonn Pierry, one of the best age group swimmers we had. Actually he broke a record of Andre Augusto, who had broken the Brandonn’s record. Ok, nothing much. But, the impressive thing is that he’s only 13. The event was the 200 free and the time was 1’56”93, competing against 14 years old boys and winning by almost 2 seconds. He also won the 400 free with 4’08”19 and took second the 100 free with 54”47.

Fernanda Goeij. Also impressive was her time in 200 IM. She won the Juvenil category with a new meet record: 2’18”72. And she’s only 15 years old. Besides Joanna Maranhão, with this time she’s one of the best IM brazilian swimmers nowadays.

I should also mention Rafaela Raurich. She went back home with 3 silvers, all behind Maria Paula Heitmann, but she’s younger than her: 15 years old. Raurich was in Singapore this year competing the World’s Junior, as well as Heitmann and Pumputis.

Obs: Here in Brazil we still don’t have a NAG record table. So, unfortunately we can’t exactly say if some times were never made by that age. That’s why our only comparison is the meet record.

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