Cielo: “I want to rebirth”

12 de janeiro de 2016

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Cesar Cielo turned 29 this last Sunday, January 10th. He has three olympic medals – which one is the only olympic gold in brazilian swimming- but starts 2016 still out of brazilian olympic team, since he didn’t reach the cut in the first trial.

He made an interview to Hoje em dia, published in his birthday, and said he’s too focus to Olympics, despite of the not so good 2015. “I’m practicing normally, without pain e focus on Maria Lenk Trophy. I’m confident and feeling great. Now, it’s about to reach nice results”.

He also said he’s expecting the 50 free olympic record (21”30) to be broken in Rio.

You can read other parts of the interview, below: (Click here to read the full interview in portuguese)

The best year of your personal life (with the birth of your child) was, by destiny, the worst year of your swimmer career. How do you see it?
I see it naturally, as everything that happens in life. In sport, we can have only two results: winning and loosing and we know that things doesn’t happen always as we expect. So, let’s move on. I’m really happy about my personal life, but in professional one I want to rebirth.

Who are your main competitors in Olympics, considering you will reach the spot?
There are many, including brazilians as Matheus Santana, Marcelo Chierighini, Bruno Fratus and João De Lucca. In the rest of the world, there are Florent Manaudou, James Magnussen, Cameron McEvoy and Nathan Adrian. All of them have chance to win the olympic gold.

How do you take the charges and comments about you?
I try not to read a lot about it. I only follow my own Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. I’m not used to search things about me on internet, because I know sometimes it’s not good.

According to Brazilian Comittee expectations of to finish the Olympics on top 10, the swimming must win at least three medals. Do you think it’s possible? Which events to you believe in brazilian medals?
Yes, I do believe we will reach this goal. I believe in a medal by the relay; Thiago and Etiene Medeiros. In 50 free, we can go further and dream with a double. Felipe França also has great chances. That’s why I think 3 medals is totally possible.

There’s only one swimmer up to 28 years old (Gary Hall Jr.) that won the Olympics in 50 free. How do you, now in 29, see it? Do you believe it can be done the same?
That’s only show that is totally possible. If one person already done it, why couldn’t I?

Do you consider there was a brazilian swimming evoluation in this last olympic cycle?
Yes, I do. Now, we have two strong relays, the 400 medley and 400 free relays. That shows how strong the team is now. We are not a two swimmers team anymore. Since I started in national team, we are constantly evoluating. And it’s about to be even better, since every year it appears new good swimmers. I believe it’s the strongest team we ever had.

What’s the brazilian swimming legacy after Olympics?
I hope it will end in great results legacy, but meanly a big credibility to swimming. I can’t talk about others sports, but one of the best legacy we will accomplish is the profissionalism the athletes got in the past few years. This generation is too professional and committed. And the medal will come to crown all of this. Unfotunately, the public doesn’t know about the pressures and training, but I can guarantee that it’s have been made a wonderful work and if the next generation follow our steps we can keep as a world power.

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