Specialists tell the techniques to perform better at 10PM

11 de fevereiro de 2016

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Since it was defined the time of swimming finals in Rio, there is a concern about the brazilian swimmer’s yield at 10 PM. In a really interesting article by Folha de São Paulo, specialists told how they’re gonna help athletes to be awake and how to rest after finals.

Because of NBC’s request, the olympic swimming finals will start at 10PM at Brazil time, ending about 12PM, very different from past editions as London, which has started at 7:30PM at local time.

The main swimmers who are submitted to interviews, anti-doping tests, warm-downs, they will probably go to sleep around 3AM, to be at Swimming Venue at 11h30AM.

So, the first concern is about swimmers sleep. First of all, they will have to prevent them from sunlight in the Village’s bedrooms, simulating the night darkness as much as posible. Second of all, they will induce swimmers to criotherapy, which helps them to slow down and to be asleep as soon as posible.

To maintain the brazilian swimmers (and others athletes) activated so late, specialists and Brazilian Olympic Comittee (COB) will submit them to light showers for around 30 minutes to keep their brain temperature heated instead of getting it colder what it usually happens at night.

They will start these two techniques 10 days before the Olympics starts.

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