The best memories of Finkel’s Trophy

24 de agosto de 2015

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9- The overall run

Different from most of nationals, the meaning goal for clubs and swimmers in this edition was the championship trophy. The conquer of points is just a supporting in meetings that work as trial, which means a lot of scratches. But not this past week. Not for the best 4 teams, at least: Minas, Pinheiros, Conrinthians and Unisanta.

So, the environment of the competition had been really amazing, with a lot of cheering, support, celebrations and overcoming.


Trofeu Jose Finkel de natacao no Clube Pinheiros, 22 de Agosto de 2015, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil. Foto: Vitor Silva / SSPress.

Photo by Vitor Silva / SS Press

8- João’s return

Finkel was the João Luiz Gomes Jr. first big meet after his doping suspension in beginning of the year. And it couldn’t be better. He was silver in 100 breast (one of the most expected events at both olympic trials) with personal best and under olympic standart: 1’00”27. And he was champion, in the last day, in50 breast, with a new championship record, personal best and best male performance at the meeting: 27”03. Better than imagined.

Joao Gomes Jr.Trofeu Jose Finkel de natacao no Clube Pinheiros, 22 de Agosto de 2015, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil. Foto: Vitor Silva / SSPress.

Photo by Vitor Silva / SS Press

7- Jhennifer

Jhennifer Conceição not just came close of her PBs, she also beat a foreign. Australian foreign. In a breastroke event. Yes, mam, not here. Once upon a time, to bring a foreign was a certainty winning. What about in a breastroke female event, which we have a deficit. In 50 breast, the Flamengo’s swimmer beat the best female swimmer of the meet: Taylor McKewon, who was the most efficient, had the best female performance, and was part of the australian team at World’s. Jhennyfer also took second at 100 in 1’09”09, maintaining a good consistency either in Toronto and Kazan. She’s the brazilian breastroker to be beaten.

Jhennifer Coceicao.Trofeu Jose Finkel de natacao no Clube Pinheiros, 22 de Agosto de 2015, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil. Foto: Vitor Silva / SSPress.

Photo by Vitor Silva / SS Press

6- 50 fly of Nicholas

Let’s be honest, we prefer a 22”99. Who doesn’t? But the Nicholas Santos‘ 23”00 in final of 50 fly was better than his time to take silver in Kazan. He would have taken second anyway, it’s true, but keeping this fast after 2 weeks, in the almost last day of the long meet with 35 years old, was pretty much impressive.

It was nice watch him in the final of the 100 fly, finishing tied in fourth under 53 seconds! His specialty is not olympic, so the focus on 100 it’s been working.

Nichola dos Santos.Trofeu Jose Finkel de natacao no Clube Pinheitos, 21 de Agosto de 2015, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil. Foto: Vitor Silva / SSPress.

Photo by Vitor Silva / SS Press

5- Salatta

The most talented swimmer we know is back. Lucas Salatta is getting back to the podiums in nationals. Past week, he got a medal in almost every event he raced, a status that did not happen for a quite long time. In 100 fly, he was silver swimming under 53 seconds. And also took bronze in both 200 IM and 200 fly, and was fifth in 100 back, becaming the fourth most eficient male swimmer of the meet.

salatta finkel 2015

4- Manu’s 200 free

Gringa? Who?

I know few people such competitive as Manuella Lyrio. It could be Ledecky over there, but Manu doesn’t wanna know about it. It was not easy beat the australian Lean Neale, but she did it and with a great time: 1’58”65, very close to her PB posted in Toronto, which was unexpected after so long weeks racing. Manuella had a whole great meet, in fact. She was second in 200 fly, just one second worst her PB and second (but best brazilian) in 400 free, 2 seconds worst her brazilian record, posted in Kazan.

Trofeu Jose Finkel de natacao no Clube Pinheitos, 17 de Agosto de 2015, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil. Foto: Vitor Silva / SSPress.

Photo by Vitor Silva / SS Press

3- Henrique

Martins. The Minas’ swimmer sent the message in Coreia, during the Universiades, when was one of the highlights. Missing the Pan Am and World’s, Henrique tapered to Finkel and didn’t fail the expectations. In 100 fly, his best event, he won under olympic standart: 52”32, the best brazilian time in 2015. Also was silver in 50 fly, fourth in 100 free and fifth in 50 free. He scored 103 points, the third most efficient male swimmer.

finekel 2015 henrique martins

Photo by Ale Koizumi

2- Guido’s 100 back

Even Guilherme Guido expected to swim so fast. We’re talking about 0.2s of his south-american record, posted in Toronto, leading off the medley relay. It was unexpected because at World’s he couldn’t repeat the time of Pan Am, so we associated to expired taper or maybe tireness. But at first nationals day, Guido made a perfect race and the great time of 53”36, the best performance of all olympic events. Actually, his time here would have given him a final in Kazan.

More than that, Guido was silver in 50 back, bronze in 200 back and fifth in 50 fly. He was not less than the second most efficient male swimmer of the meet. Who knows him knows.

guilherme guido ricardo bufolin finkel 2015

Photo by Ricardo Bufolin

1- Men’s 400 IM

Different from the other itens, the men’s 400 IM was not that impressive, considering times. The 4’23 that took the gold is really below from what we are used to witness in nationals, when decided by Thiago Pereira, Thiago Simon or even the young Brandonn Pierry.

And that’s why it was so remarkable for us. The Pereira and Brandonn’s absence let two usually supporting swimmers became protagonists. Both celebrated their victories as never.

Gabriel Ogawa and Leonardo Santos, first of all: best friends, celebrated a lot not just for the medals, but also their PBs. The first individual gold of Ogawa at this kind of level and first ever medal of Leo. And the fact of both represent the host club made the crowd gets nuts and celebrate as much as the swimmers, making one of the most energic and exciting moments of the meet. For us, the most.

gabriel ogawa leonardo santos finkel 2015

Photo by Ricardo Bufolin

EXTRA: Yes Swim’s coverage

It was not our best coverage ever, but we know the importance of Yes Swim to those who couldn’t witness live in color. The meet unfortunately was not broadcasted, so we were the one and only outlet to give real time results (unless the CBDA) and bring daily live recaps, such as some live transmitions. We hope our readers had enjoyed :)

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